1. Make a firm time commitment to restore order by yourself. This is the least expensive way to get back on track and it can work well if you are highly motivated. Consider whether your original system accounts for any new changes and be realistic about how much time you have and how much time it will take to restore order. Then go get ‘em tiger!
  2. Ask your family, friends or coworkers to help you get organized. Going it alone can be difficult. If your peeps would happily devote their time and energy to restoring order with you, this could be a good solution. Set a time and date to work together and be patient and open-minded towards your helpers.
  3. Find relief by hiring a professional organizer. With no whining or judgement, this solution is faster and more pleasant than the other two methods. An experienced professional organizer can turn your problem areas into the object of envy and will make workable systems just for you. A little help may be all you need to create lasting peace for all. 

If now is the time for you to step up and make a change for the better, contact me with a description of your problem areas and we’ll work out lasting personalized solutions. I’m here to help.LET’S GET STARTED!

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