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Professional Organizing

“The name Breathe Easy Organizing was inspired by how my clients feel once a project is completed, they breathe easier knowing that their belongings are accessible, their space is beautiful, clutter is reduced, and there is a simple plan to keep it that way.” Kathy, Owner

For as long as I can remember I have been an organizer. From keeping a neat room as a child, to managing my space with roommates and currently keeping my house and family in good order. Organizing just comes naturally to me.

For the past 10 years I have been helping clients get organized and stay that way. Bringing my experience as a graphic designer to my professional organizing services has had many benefits. After all, good design is based on the adage “Form follows function.” Any project I work on is based on a solid functional working plan custom made for you. Once that is in place I make it easy to maintain and stylish!

I treat all of my clients with kindness and respect. In my work I am diligent in satisfying my client’s needs because I love to help people and I care about their happiness. There is never a need to blame or shame for messes or disorganized spaces, I understand where you’re coming from. With my help you will start fresh and move forward with no judgement.  


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BreatheEasy Organizing Professional Organizers

Code of Ethics

Client Relationships

  • I will respect my clients, their spaces, and will remain non-judgmental throughout all interactions.

  • I will only provide services in areas in which I am competent and knowledgeable.

  • If other professionals are needed, I will do my best to connect you with qualified individuals and/or companies.

  • All fees for services will be honestly represented and provided upfront. 


  • Any and all client information will be held with the utmost of confidentiality and will not be shared with anyone. 

  • Client testimonials and/or photos will only be used with explicit permission provided by the client.


  • Any and all fees associated with services will be provided upfront and never hidden.

  • For any change in fee structure, a 60-day notice will be provided to existing clients and only effective towards new projects not within the original agreement. 

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    Free Assessment Let’s talk!

    In a 20 minute phone call, at no cost to you, we can to evaluate your needs, review the organizing process, and discuss customized systems we design just for you.

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